51 Wedding Anniversary Greetings & Wishes.

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Here Are 50+ Wedding Anniversary Greetings & Wishes.

1. My love, we will catch forever,
It has been a year with you right here, Many more years will pass by, We can catch forever, if only we try. Happy Anniversary!

2. This is the day when we first met, The most beautiful day I will never forget, The happiest day that I first saw your eyes, The day that light came into my life,
I LOVE YOU DARLING. Happy Anniversary!

3. I unselfishly gave you the best years of my life, You are my joy, my friend, and my wife. In your arms is where I hope every new dawn, And I hope your love will be with me forever and on.

4. You are still my only, my best.
It will always be you, then everything else. Despite that so many years have passed, You remain my future, my present, and my past. Happy Anniversary Dear.

5.  Another passing year means, We get older by the minute.
I wish us many more anniversaries, My love for you has no limit.

6. Love brought you together as husband and wife, and gave each of you a best friend for life. Happy Anniversary!

7. Have a happy anniversary. Have day that’s filled with fun… And remember the day that you two became one!

8. May love continuously rule your relationship, as you rule each other with patience and care. Wishing you a lifetime of wonderful years together.

9. Anniversary is the day you remember that both of you committed to a lifetime of love and relationship. Cheers then for remembering.

10. A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. Wishing you both the best.

11. True love stories never have endings. A Happy Anniversary to you both again.

12. No greeting card to give,
No beautiful flowers to send,
No cute pictures to forward,
Just a loving heart saying

13. On this anniversary, I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for
being my partner, spouse, lover and friend! Happy Wedding Anniversary!

14. I still remember the times
When you wanted to ask her out.
You shared stories with me
And today I wish to shout
Happy Anniversary!

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15. It’s your Wedding Day
So perfect and fine, With all your friends round you to have a good time!

16. If I met you tomorrow i would still give you my heart. If you should say, do you still love me? I would say, till death do us Part. Happy Anniversary!

17. If the journey don’t end,  If the day remains the same, We will never live apart from each other, And this day will come again and again.

18. We”ve had our ups and downs,This we both know, Through it all our love Still managed to grow. Different thoughts we had About
many things, But our love for each other, Had no attached strings.
Happy Anniversary!

19. The way you came into my life, I wish the journey never ends Till I die. Thanks for making this day special in my life.
Happy anniversary!!!!

20. An anniversary is a time for looking back on happy memories
and looking ahead with excitement and joy. May your joy in each other last a lifetime.
Happy Anniversary!

21. Joy beyond reason you have given me, our love is true this I can see. Happy Anniversary!!!!

22. It is good to see you walk peacefully and strongly on the road of love. I wish this will stay forever. Happy Anniversary!

23. On your lovely anniversary,
I wish your hearts keep beating for each other,
as they always have. Happy Anniversary to you,
and may together you live a life of bliss.

24. As we learn, let us share.
As we take, let us give.
As we weep, let us care.
As we live, let us love.
Best Wishes On your
Wedding Anniversary!

25. Best wishes to you both on your anniversary. May the love that you share last your lifetime as you make a wonderful pair.
Happy Wedding Anniversary.

26. When you look ahead to the future or look back at how things used to be, do not forget to look beside you, because that is where you will find me, loving you with all my heart. Happy Anniversary!

27. Another year to create Precious memories together. Another year to discover New things to enjoy about each other.
Another year to strengthen
A marriage that defines forever.
Happy Anniversary To You My Love.

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28. Remember the yesterdays,
Plan your tomorrows and celebrate your today. Happy anniversary to a lovely couple
God bless both of you!

29. A light, happy heart
A bright, happy day That’s what you are wished With much love today. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

30. Come everyone let’s give a cheer, In celebration of a couple dear, a couple who in love unite,
And are seldom cross and hardly fight. To a couple who bring joy to all, May you laugh and sing and have a ball. May happiness surround you two,That is what I wish for you. Happy Anniversary!

31. Long after our anniversary, when this greeting has been thrown away. Please think of the thought behind it, Each and everyday, Happy Anniversary!

32. I’ll always remember the day I married you, Without you my love…I don’t know what I’d do, You’re loving and thoughtful just to mention two, I adore your sweet smile, It makes me want you.

33. Marriage is that relation between man and women in which the Independence is Equal, the Dependence mutual and the Obligation Reciprocal. Best wishes for Happy Wedding Anniversary.

34. Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love You’ve given me. Your love makes my days very bright, just knowing you’re my darling wife.
Happy Anniversary!

35. How happy I am when I found  out the best thing in my life was when you married me.
Thank you my loving husband, For the years we share I know one thing for sure We make a wonderful pair.

36. Hoping that the love you shared years ago Is still as strong today as it was then…bringing you much joy, love and happiness To celebrate again. Happy Anniversary.

37. To the beautiful couple in all the land, May your anniversary be Happy and Grand. Happy Anniversary.

38. I’m sending this bouquet of love to say that I love you so much, I hope I say it often enough, I want you to know it’s true, On this special occasion I want to remind you That you are my everything And my love for you is true, Happy Anniversary Lover!

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39. That special day is here again
The day we took our vows You’re just as special to me today
As you still get me aroused.
Happy Anniversary Darling.

40. Happy Anniversary and May your marriage be Blessed with love, joy and companionship For all the years of your lives!

41. All my love for you is free! wishing us a very happy Anniversary!

42. One special day in a year,
With you next to me I have no fear, I want you to know that you are special for me,
That’s all I want you to see.

43. Cannot Hide My Love It has been so long, With you nothing is wrong, With you by my side,
My love I cannot hide.

44. Your love is adrenalin, it feels like driving the fastest car,
Walking together…there are so many steps behind us, but still we have come far. The road has brought us to a place where we love and understand each other without a talk. Next year and beyond, with you,I’ll love to walk.

45. We watched the sun rise a million times, We had our conflicts, had our lies
But I think we know that beneath lies a love that stays and never dies. Happy Anniversary, Dear!

46. Like the wind loves dry autumn leaves. Let us frolic in between the breeze for another year. I love you. Happy Anniversary.

47. Congrats on your wonderful journey, many more years ahead, Stay blessed! Happy Anniversary.

48. We are happy for you, may the love that binds you both grow stronger. Happy Anniversary!

49. Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs, cheer & love more!

50. How can I explain my feelings to you. its numbness, its like I can see only one thing, hear one thing and think about one thing. That is you. Happy Anniversary Wifey!

51. I will never let you go. No matter what situation we are in, I love and care about you for ever. Happy Anniversary Darling.


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