50+ Powerful Happy New Month Wishes & Quotes

Happy New Month Wishes september 2019

Powerful Happy New Month Wishes

Find 50+ Powerful Happy New Month Wishes & Quotes

New months are signs of New Beginnings and Better Days ahead…Usher your loved ones in to every new month with these powerful Happy New Month Wishes. Enjoy!

Here Are 50+ Powerful Happy New Month Wishes, SMS & Quotes to send to loved ones.

1. Its a New Month, make it an marvelous one! Do not worry anymore about the sleepless Nights you had in the previous month, indeed joy comes in the morning…Happy New Month! May the songs of victory fill your household!

2. Hurray Its November! As we enter into this gracious month, may each day bring you closer to the completion of your destiny.

3. A New month can be a new start of your life. So set daily goals and make the most of the each day while you can. Wishing you and your family a very fruitful and accomplished November. Happy New Month!

4. Make this month as Bright as sun, as, as colorful as rainbows, as lovely as flowers and as happy as birds. Fill your heart with motivation and look towards the future. The best is yet to come! I wish you a Happy Happy New Month!

5. Look back and get experience,not regrets. Look forward and see hope not anxiety. Look within and find yourself not fantasies. Happy New Month, wishing you strength, happiness, joy and peace!

6. Morning dew upon the grass, glistening in the sun. Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow may come, but this day has begun. Happy New Month to you and your family.

7.Head up, heart open. Cheers To Better Days! Happy New Month.

8.Every morning is a fresh breath. But every New Month is a new blessing. May this month bring all your dreams to reality. Happy New Month.

9. Wake up each morning with grateful gladness because there are new mercies every morning. Happy New Month, may this month be yours.

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10. Happy New Month to You! May you find the beauty in every moment of this month now and forever!

11. Congratulations! We made it into a new month! Positive life, positive action because the moment in time is unrepeatable. Happy New Month to You!

12. May you find courage, faith and hope to live your dreams. Happy New Month!

13. We can’t determine the order of events, But we can trust God to guide our footsteps. Happy New Month! May God’s Guidance prevail in our affairs through out this month.

14. My Prayer for you this new month is for your blessings to far outweigh your bitterness. Happy New Month. Wishing you all the glad tidings of life.

15. Happy New Month! May you find much more grace for everyday life!

16. Whatever you dream of is a possibility…May All your dreams come true this New Month & Always.

17. Don’t be shaken by circumstances, a new month is here to bring new energy and blessings in to your home! Happy New Month.

18. DREAMING or DOING is a choice that will mean the difference between FAILURE or SUCCESS. Happy New Month.

19. May rays of the morning sun light fire in you the desire to achieve big things in life. Happy New Month!

20. A New Month is a gift. Don’t forget to share it!  Happy New Month my friend!

21.Pray as though everything depends on God. And work as if everything depends on you. Happy New Month.

22.Whatever is warm & inspiring,
Whatever means the most to you,
Whatever makes you smile & brings you joy is what I wish for you this New Month! Happy New Month!

23. Warm wishes do not come from the lips, It comes from the heart; it doesn’t have to be told,It has to be shown; It doesn’t have to be given, but It has to be sent. Here is me sending my heartfelt wishes to you this new month. Happy New Month to you!

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24. Lets welcome this New Month, Lets cherish each moment it beholds, Lets celebrate this blissful time together! Happy New Month!

25. Cheers to a New Month and another chance for us to get it right. Happy New Month!

26. A new sun
A new month
A new day
A new sms
Asking you
forget all
& tears
for someone
who wants to
see you happy! Happy New Month

27. Life has No Rewinds And forwards,It Unfolds Itself at Its Own pace. So never miss a chance to Live today to make a beautiful Story For Tomorrow!
Happy New Month!

28. Letter for you
please open it?

) ” HAPPY NEW  )
( “MONTH”  )

29. However you decide to spend
this New Month, here’s hoping
it turns out to be just right for you in every way! Happy New Month!

30. Roses are red, Violets are blue. Sorry I forgot to wish you, I was down with a bad flu. A Joyous & Happy New Month to you!

31. As we begin a New Month, I take this chance to wish you good luck, happy times, good health and a lot of success in life! Happy New Month.

32. I have a habit of being fashionably late every time. This time around I was no different. Sorry for that dear. Wishing you a Happy New Month!

33. When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life you have 1000 reasons to Smile. Happy New Month!

34. Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it. Happy New Month & Stay Ready!!!

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35. Every sunset gives us 1 day less to live, But every sunrise gives us 1 day more to hope! Happy New Month to you!

36. A sweeter smile, A brighter day, I pray everything turns out better for you, this month and always! Happy New Month.

37. This month, may you fly in the plane of Ambition and Land in the Airport of Success! Happy New Month to you my dear friend!

38. I am so grateful that I have you with me on this New Month. Happy New Month.

39. Why is it called a New Month? Because there’s always going to be something New! I pray this Month brings New opportunities to your door step. Happy New Month!

40. Wishing you all the happiness this heartfelt wish can bring! Happy New Month My Bestie!

41. Happy New Month To You! Wishing you a Fantastic November!

42. Hope this Happy New Month note Adds sunshine to your day
and shows you that you’re thought of In a warm and special way! Happy New Month!

43. This New Month, Dare to deliver what’s in your heart. Happy New Month!

45. New Month,
New Beginning
New Mindset
New Focus
New Start
New Intention
New Results!!!

46. Wishing you a wonderful month filled with happiness and love! Have a Fantastic November!

  1. Dear August, thanks for all the lessons. November, I’m Ready!

48. Congratulations! We made it into a New Month!

49. Say Hello to November, the new month bringing us unlimited grace and favor! Happy New Month dearest!

50. Blessings and Merry is all I wish for you & your family this New Month! Welcome to November!

51. There’s a guest at your door and it’s November! No complaints, just gratitude! Happy New Month!


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