30+ Congratulatory Wedding Messages

30+ congratulatory Wedding Messages and Wishes

30+ Congratulatory Wedding Messages.

Express your congratulations and send your heart felt wishes to the newly wed couple. 30+ Congratulatory wedding messages is a written compilation of the finest and blissful wedding wishes ever. Enjoy!

Best Congratulatory Wedding Messages and Wishes
Best Congratulatory Wedding Messages and Wishes

Best Congratulatory Wedding Messages.

  • Marriage is a beautiful time when two souls start to share one heart. Let your love for each other grow with every passing day. Wish you a very happy married life.
  • On this beautiful and lovely occasion, when two souls shall unite to be one and seek love and happiness for life, I wish to Congratulate you. May God bless your love, with loads of happy and memorable times. Congratulations on your Wedding.
  • The sacred day of bond is upon you. Congratulations on your wedding. May you have a very happy married life.
    The love you share, is immense and sweet. May your love never fade away. I wish you a marriage, filled with loads of joy, love and care. May your feelings and emotions for each other only grow deep and strong with time. All the best for the times ahead. Congratulations on your Wedding.
  • I’m so proud that the two of you have found love in each other. I’m sure together you will overcome all the storms in your life, thus making your marriage even stronger. Have a happy married life.
  • Good wishes and lots of love to the couple, I admire the most. Happy married life and may God bless you both.
  • Congratulations to the bride and the bridegroom. May the two of you find everlasting and ever growing love. Have a happy married life.
  • Congratulations to the latest addition in the world of married couples. Have an amazing journey.
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Sweet Congratulatory Wedding Messages.

  • May you find a friend in each other. May this marriage strengthen the bond the two of you already share. Hearty wishes to the newly weds.
  • Wonderful beginning and smiles today, this is just an awesome day As you are starting a new life So, be the most amazing wife. Many congrats to you!
  • I just wish and hope that your life together will be full of love, respect and happiness. Congrats to you both. Stay blessed in life!
  • Warmest congrats to the sweetest pair I know on earth.
    You guys were made for each other So, on this amazing start.
    I wish you both all the happiness of life. Stay blessed!
  • As you are entering a golden bond, that is so filled with love and strong, Would like to wish you all the happiness. Congrats on your wedding day!
  • I wish that you stay blessed with all the love, All the care, Lots of happiness And a bond of a lifetime, Congrats on your wedding!
  • Many congrats to both of you, this is just the start of your journey of love.
    May you stay in love forever in time, Congrats to you both on your wedding day!

Sizzling Congratulatory Wedding Greetings.

  • Perfect occasion with smiles on faces. Perfect looking bride and groom has that grace .Take a moment and cheer aloud Today is special..You are out of the crowd It’s your wedding day my lovely friend So good wishes are with you from my heart .This day will remain a special part, Many congrats to you on your wedding day!
  • Such a pleasant sight, seeing both of you together, it’s like awesome and blissful to see you both Holding hands and taking that wedding oath. And I am here to witness this love which will
    culminate till the end of time.
    Many congrats to you and your partner on your wedding day,
    Have the most amazing time!
  • A romantic journey begins with marriage. May God pour all his warmth and care on your lovely journey ahead.
  • I wish the two of you a successful and a beautiful journey of marriage. Congratulations on your first big step together.
  • Matches are made in heaven and this pair definitely seems to have found heaven in each other. Happy married life.
  • May your marriage be a recipe made with ingredients of love, respect, understanding and trust!
    This will make it a super zest, congratulations to both of you!
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Congratulatory Wedding Messages
Congratulatory Wedding Messages

Sweet Congratulatory Wedding Wishes For Couples

  • On this romantic day, when you two shall hold hands, I pray to God that, may you never have to take them apart. Have a wonderful married life filled with joy, care and passion.
  • With marriage, comes new challenges and phases in life. But, with your sincere and honest love you shall sail through such obstacles. Enjoy every moment of your love life. May you two always stay together in love. Congratulations on your wedding.
  • Like the sky, like winds, and like sweet flowing waters, may your love always continue to exist. I wish you a very happy married life.
  • Marriage is about love, care and sharing, congrats because you found your perfect soul mate, Mark this very beautiful date,
    of start of a blissful life, Congrats that now you are his wife, Happy wedding, stay blessed you both!
  • Wedding is bliss, Sealed with a kiss, from Miss to Mrs. Congrats on your wedding dear, may you both share this love and cheer!
  • The moment to cherish all your life, the moment of bliss is here, So, embrace this with all your might, Because it will be a new light Of life, Congrats on your wedding day, Stay blessed!
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Best Congratulatory Wedding Wishes

  • Many congrats on starting your new life. May the Almighty bless the two of you With happiness, love and companionship. This marks the beginning of a wonderful phase
    that will make both of you smile all the way. Many congrats on your wedding day!
  • On such a beautiful occasion, when your two souls unite, may your love and affection for each other never fade away. Have a wonderful married life.
  • Congrats to you for a happy married life, May you stay blessed forever with your wife, Have a wonderful life ahead!
  • The most beautiful couple I have ever seen, You look like a king and your wife as queen, God bless the couple today, On this special day, Congratulations!
  • Congrats on your marriage, An occasion of lifetime,Today you have all the reason to be happy and cheer, because today you are marrying the love of your life my dear. Happy Married Life!
  • It is a special day today, Are you nervous already? Don’t feel so because wedding is bliss and this bliss will calm you all your life!
    Many congrats on this super awesome day!



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