12 Valentine’s Day Ideas

12 Valentines Day Ideas

12 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Learn The 12 Valentine’s Day Ideas Jollystatus

The 12 valentine’s day ideas you need to know. Delight your loved ones this season of Valentine. Win the heart of your spouse or significant other with endless romantic locations, awesome gifts, exotic getaways, delectable cuisines and to mention but a few. Gifts, flowers, exotic dinner, romantic nights, hangouts, long beach walks, etc. are the perks of Valentine’s Day. Let go of the stress from work and treat your special someone to a romantic getaway this Valentine’s day.


Do you wish to spend Valentine’s day with family, close friends, or that special someone; or are you in a young relationship and looking for a way to spice things up? Below are 12 Valentine’s day ideas to add colour to your day.


  1. A Classic Dinner In Your Favourite Restaurant

Valentine's Day Dinner

Dinner at a favorite restaurant you both love brings back fond memories, and the lush feeling of comfort and serenity. A menu book that you are both conversant with spells all the letters in the right way as you laugh and chat over dinner. Remember to make a reservation in advance.

  1. Try Out Each Other’s Hobbies

Valentine's day ideas- Fun things to do

Spend half of the evening doing what you both love to do. Be it sky diving, swimming, puzzle solving, reading, yoga, meditating, cooking, etc. Remember that it has to be what you love and also what you both would enjoy doing. It’s supposed to be an evening to remember, so make it count.

  1. Go Shopping
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Go Shopping- Valentine's Day ideas

You can never get it wrong with taking your loved one on a shopping spree, especially one with a “get all you want” clause. Valentine’s day occurs just once in a year, making it memorable and fun filled for you and your special someone should be all that matters. Hence, you have nothing on you fulfilling on her shopping desires.

  1. Play Games

Games such as Truth or Dare, chess, scramble, and even video games have a way of improving you both intellectually and bringing you both a lot closer. Regardless of the fact that you might both know each other well, you can still use this opportunity to get to know each other even better!

Get out that old board of chess now!

  1. Visit An Art Gallery

Art Gallery- Valentine's Day Ideas

Art galleries are always a win-win when thinking about Valentine’s day ideas. In as much as you want to go out on a romantic date in that lush resort, spending time in an art gallery, in the awe of beautiful portraits and art collections brings peace, comfort, and serenity to you both. You could walk hand in hand with each other looking up to a beautiful masterpiece designed by Michael Angelo and think of happily ever after. Wink*

  1. Plan A Romantic Night At The Beach

Romantic Getaway at the beach- Valentine's day ideas

The beach is an ideal location for lovebirds looking out for a romantic time with each other amidst nature with all its flora and fauna. With swaying palm trees and lush tropics, beaches make room for a romantic getaway this Valentine season while watching the sunset. The beach is one of the quintessential places to spend Valentine’s day.

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  1. Serve Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed- Valentine's Day Ideas

You really can’t go wrong with serving breakfast in bed. Awaken your significant other to the sweet aroma of chocolate chip pancakes with fresh yogurt. Alternatively, you could prepare his favorite breakfast and serve it with a cold glass of juice, just the way he likes it. In all honesty, this says a lot about you, and how much you love your partner.

Therefore, be the spice this Valentine’s day!

  1. Go On A Movie Date


With giant screens and immersive viewing experience, going on a movie date caps up your romantic night this Valentine. Scream, laugh, giggle, shout or cuddle up in each other’s arm watching your favorite movie. Remember to buy your tickets in advance to avoid the embarrassment of “Sold out”.

  1. Visit The Spa


Treat your loved ones to a well-deserved spa treatment while enjoying the calming scenery of the environment. A spa treatment offers you both a combination of both contemporary and traditional style, if you’re looking forward to indulging in a more relaxing atmosphere then a visit to the spa is one Valentine’s day idea to try.

  1. Be In Each Other’s Arms At Home


Cuddle your significant other on a sofa or be in each other’s arm watching a movie. In order to avoid distractions such as surfing the net, chatting or responding to calls and emails, try not to be with your mobile phone or other electronic gadgets. If possible, keep your phone on silent mode. Valentine’s day should be all about showing love. You don’t want him/ her to think that you don’t care when you rush out to always pick calls.

  1. Plan A Staycation In A Luxury Hotel
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Spice up your Valentine’s day by planning a staycation in a lush and cozy hotel together. Even though it might serve as an escape plan to move away from all the frenzy of the day, the whole idea is to spend some quality time together if it is a young relationship or rekindle old flames if you have walked down the aisle.

  1. Gifts, Gifts And Even More Gifts


A bouquet of flowers, sexy lingerie, a red robe, video games, a stuffed animal, cuff links, enchanting perfumes, a box of chocolate not to mention but a few, are some of the gift items that you get can for your special one and have him or her breaking down doors just to be with you. Everyone likes a little pampering and in view of this, treat her just as much as you would love her to treat you this Valentine’s day.


Have other Valentine’s day ideas to share, drop your comments below.

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